Yoga-therapy — an effective system of healing diseases of body and mind, based on sound and proven methods of activation of the latent forces of an organism. With yoga-therapy can heal a variety of functional disorders of the body, including problems with blood circulation and musculoskeletal system, respiratory diseases, endocrine, digestive and urogenital system. Also yoga-therapy methods will be effective in eliminating the consequences of injury, chronic inflammatory processes, allergies, infectious diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders.

           Virtually everyone is exposed to some kind of disease or infirmity. It seems that the only way to maintain or restore health — seek medical advice. But medicine is not the only way to solve such problems. Its softer and effective alternative — yoga-therapy — not only eliminate many existing diseases, but also to prevent the emergence of new ones. Unlike medicine that fights the disease by drugs, yoga-therapy helps the body to eliminate the causes of diseases by on their own.

How diseases arise

      In nature, everything is interconnected and every phenomenon has a cause. This also applies to our body. Its three main components — the body, mind and spirit — are closely linked: changes in either of them entail a change in the whole body. In addition to the diseases associated with pollution of the body unhealthy diet, lifestyle and the environment, the whole body involuntarily affected by our thoughts and emotions, leaving footprints not only in the outside world, but also deeply in the body. Any stressful situation hurts not only to our mind but also to the entire body.

                 Negative emotions cause muscle tension and affect the internal organs. If these situations are short-lived the big harm to the body they do not bring, but when the effect of the stimulus is prolonged, they start effect to our body. In the process of these changes, produced energy blocks that impede the circulation of energy through the body, and internal balance is disturbed. And if a changes are in the energy level we can’t notice, but noticing the symptoms of these processes only at obvious level — it is a problem with the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems, diseases of internal organs, deterioration of the general condition of the body.

How yoga-therapy works

                   Practice of yoga-therapy is a simple and safe exercises, consisting of the elements of classical yoga, breathing techniques and concentration practices, have passed the test of time and consider the indications under certain dysfunctions of the body. Their main task — to teach a person to understand and love your body, to help him in purifying, eliminate energy blockages that impede recovery and rejuvenation of the whole organism.

Yoga-therapy — a comprehensive approach. Classes on yogoterapiya based on the simultaneous coordination of the five elements ::

Body movement
Regulation of breath
Blood circulation
Concentration of the mind
Awareness of continuity of interaction of mind and body

Only the achievement of balance of all five elements leads to the normalization of all body functions:

It improves blood circulation in patients in all organs and body
Activates the endocrine glands
Improves posture
Improves the condition of the joints
Eliminate psychological trauma
Restores proper breathing
Returns the harmony and balance of the mind

                In general, this process makes you feel good and raises the quality of life to a new level. At the same time, in contrast to physical exercises, yoga-therapy directed not only to the muscular system — works with the blocks on a subtle level, eliminating the root cause of ailments. Yoga-therapy is very suitable for people with health problems, and those who want to properly prepare for more challenging classes.

           Consider that each body is unique, yoga-therapy will be most effective for the individual classes.
Age and lack of training are not important — individual classes will be built taking into account the characteristics of your body. Begin to engage on a specially designed program for you and you will feel returning the old forces, internal harmony and perfect health.