By practicing yoga, we use five of its inherent elements. The first element — a movement of the body (Body), the second element — the regulation of breathing (Breath), the third — the blood circulation (Blood), the fourth — the concentration of the mind (Mind), and finally, the fifth — the realization, taking place inside and outside of our processes, our soul (Soul).
Thus the process of yoga is described by formula 3B + MS.

                  The first B — when the our body in motion, the second B regulates breathing during exercise, the latest B activates blood circulation in the body. When achieved the unity and coherence of the body movement, breathing and blood circulation, there is its purification. M — means the concentration of mind and his focus, S represents the spirit or consciousness. These values are supported by a strong belief in the spiritual power.

           It is necessary to bring all the five elements in balance. There should be harmony and coordination of the body, blood, breath, mind and spirit. When the formula 3B + MS is applied in practice, we get not only exercise, but also a genuine sense of yoga, or unity. Thus, when the practice of yoga begins by right way, energy is produced and begin conversion in the body, mind, intellect, soul, allowing the practitioner to achieve perfect health and the integrated personality.

For perfection in yoga these qualities are necessary:

Impeccable behavior and thoughts
Physical health
The balance of the vital energy
Concentration and Meditation
             The word yoga «yoga» comes from the Sanskrit root «yuj», which means to combine, merge, concentrate. The great sages interpreted the yoga as a meeting or union with the divine energy and the the individual. Also, yoga can be translated as a reunion or a merger to its original state.

          Through the practice of yoga energy received by the merger of individual and collective energies, used for spiritual and material progress. This is the true meaning of yoga. If a person is working diligently and cultivate positive thoughts, getting rid of negative energy, his life becomes stress-free, strengthening personal and friendly relationships with people. It reaches a state of perfect health and peace of mind. This is the highest point of achievement through the practice of yoga.

                   Yoga practice brings together the scattered life aspirations, transforming them into one. Directing all the energy in the strict discipline of yoga to inspire conscious and creative life. It can therefore be no exaggeration to say that yoga is the harmony and cooperation of all forces. It is also necessary to remember that yoga is not a religion or religious tradition. Truly a perfect yogi who, without giving up the practical aspects of life must be virtuous deeds and behavior for the general welfare of the world and becomes happy, bringing joy to all living beings.

                  Most people are treated with respect to the yogis, leading a solitary life in the caves of the Himalayas or hermits in the woods, leaving all public affairs and relations. Not only that, people also believe that yoga do not wear clothes, go hungry, exhausting his body, and did not speak. None of these things is not necessary to lead to a long, healthy and excellent social life, full yoga practice. Such actions generally have more of a symbolic value, but for the practice of yoga, we are not concerned with this kind of action.

For perfection in yoga practice physical health is just as important as the light in the darkness. Sick body will bring weakness into a state of mind, and people will constantly worry about the body, keeping away from the spiritual and mental practice.