Yoga massage — a method influence on acupuncture points and meridians of energy in the body without a needles.
Massage is based on the ancient teachings of the East, according to which the vital energy Qi moves on special energy channels within the body along the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Infringement of the free movement of energy is the main cause of any disease.

Master of massage by gentle pressure acts on the points of energy channels restoring the free flow of energy in the body and eliminating the disease and its cause. He also using passive exercises resembling yoga postures, stretching, opening joints. The ancient technique of pressing, a sequence of movements and rhythm remain unchanged for many centuries.

Massage does not use oil and can be executed through clothing. For 20 minutes this massage will give energy and vitality, at the same time you will feel complete relaxation. In Japan, this type of massage is used for quick preparation of soldiers for battle.

Massage is recommended for many diseases. It include problems with a pain, hypertension, poor blood circulation, vegetative dystonia, a violation of the digestive system, kidney disease, impotence, infertility, and chronic prostatitis, chronic inflammation of the uterus and ovaries, and many others.

Acupressure invented Japanese Tokuiro Namikoshi. Doctor Namikoshi described his method of therapy in his book «Shiatsu — Japanese therapy finger’s pressure.» Massage Shiatsu is still young in comparison with the ancient Chinese massage techniques with needles, but it already managed to gain popularity because of its efficiency.

                   Facial massage Shiatsu stimulates increased blood circulation and lymph flow in the area of impact, and as a result, disappear edema, improves skin condition. In addition, shiatsu facial acupressure, due to the effect on biologically active points, stimulates all the vital organs and body systems, harmonizes and calms the central nervous system, improves skin condition and reduces the number of facial wrinkles.

Using acupressure facial, after only a few procedures:

  • improves color of the skin
  • recovers metabolism
  • improves microcirculation and blood circulation
  • the skin becomes elastic
  • eliminating swelling of the face
  • wrinkles become less visible

The effects on the active points of the face can not only improve the appearance, but also to get rid of insomnia, headaches, fatigue, runny nose, improve vision.

The physical body — it’s not just the visible part of our body. Many people are able to feel the presence of other people, because of the energy vibration, which comes from their energy body. Status of human energy field depends on the state of the aura. If a person is healthy, he has big and strong aura, but the aura of a sick and weakened person markedly reduced in size.

The energy centers (chakras) produce the necessary energy to maintain the energy field. Energy massage can be used for strengthen energy bio-field as a whole. Energy massage will maintain your body and spirit in the best shape. It is a combination of energy and physical effects on the human body. The session of this massage will increase the flow of energy and send it separately to each organ, what is required for their recovery and work.

                          Acupressure foot massage and feet

If the points on the face and head are able to get rid of headaches and remove the stressful emotions, the foot massage is a just storehouse of health. Using certain point, it is possible not only to remove stress from the spine, but also from many internal organs. Performing regular foot massage lets the internal energy is released from the blocks, the body re-updated.

                          Foot massage acts on the acupuncture point, stimulating and balancing the overall state of internal organs and body as a whole. It relieves stress, fatigue, psycho-emotional arousal and calms the nervous system resulting in a balance, improves metabolism and strengthens the body’s defenses.

The harmonious using of different massage techniques can restore the balance between body and soul, will help relieve fatigue and pain, will strengthen the immune system, improve the overall tone and mood. The massage is performed on the physical and energetic levels, through the expert hands has comprehensive healing effect on the patient.